Assignment 4: Story of Motion

Tell a short story with movement, due 23:59, Wed, 11 Oct, posted to this category

Requirement: a story that can be told with motion.   Must use H-bridge controller, can use any other hardware in the lab or that you fab.

If we our out of h-bridge chips or you need a motor that we’ve run out of in A10, email and I’ll replace them ASAP.  Also check with lending to see if they have a motor or h-bridge you can use in the short term.

Stories have at least three states:

  • start: everything is static (not moving) or moving in an idle loop
  • story: motion tells a story
    • rotating things
      • ferris wheel, merry go round
      • pulleys that wind or release string
    • fan that blows things across a table
    • object that moves on a table
    • switches that start/stop movement
  • ending: the story comes to an end or goes back to the start and waits to be told again.

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