Assignment 5: Musical Objects

For this upcoming project, I want to integrate the experience of music with objects around us. I want to use a set of objects with different weights, categorize them, and then produce separate musical identities of each object. I think I’ll do a ‘musical chairs’ situation (though not finite) where maybe 4 objects are categorized, but only 3 sensors are available. So, different combinations using the 4 objects produce slightly different beats.

For this assignment, I used the melody provided in the playMelody Arduino tutorial  to be the tune set off by the ball (the weight is captured by an FSR). In the future, I’d like to find or produce different melodies (maybe one can be a bass, and another a higher toned sound) that could all potentially fit together well, and create a set of three sensors that could register the information.

One problem I came across was the FSR I used was not sensitive enough. Even with the ball being pretty weighty as an object, the sensor could barely recognize it. I think I’ll need to find either a better sensor or much heavier objects.



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