Assignment 7 – Rough Crit Update

I decided to do an installation that involved 3 pieces of ‘technology enhanced’ silverware.

I got 2/3 of the prototypes working, the third prototype needs another redesign, and I plan to finish the CAD for this over the break to make up for lost time. If I can’t get this working by this Saturday, I’ll just 3D print a design that I know will work, and then polish that up.

First Prototype – Nervous Fork:


Todo for Fork:

-Test with big and small fork, to make sure servo is able to carry the weight of the fork.

-Install a handle with a battery pack + microcontroller

-Use rubber/some kind of firm material to keep fork firm when string isn’t being pulled

-Use stronger wire/string

Second Prototype – The Continuous Spoon:


Todo with Spoon:

-Cut off heads of spoons so that only heads rotate

-Design a handle and way to conceal the motor

-Get better/smaller motor, as current one has crooked shaft

-Solder on switch to turn it on and add a battery pack

Second Prototype – Jig-knife:

Broken Gearbox

Current issue: Center/arm that attaches to small gear isn’t the correct length or is a little bit off center, causing the gear to swing in a non-circular shape. I need to carefully design this gearbox to ensure that everything is at a fixed distance so the gears will mesh properly.

Todo with Gearbox:
-Redesign lasecut gearbox

-3D print working gearbox as a fall-back

– Make nice casing for gear box and attach knife to piston

-Add on switch and battery

-Pick a stronger and faster motor to handle force of meshing gears

-Add handlebars to hold jigsaw knife

OPTIONAL (Given time):
– Add FSR to plate, and send (text or tweet) messages about weight of food on plate.



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