Assignment 7: smartCUP (phase I)


Smart Cup can currently do two things:
1. Tell if your cup is ready to drink; 2. Animates if you are drinkingTo achieve these tasks, my product has 3 component: a NeoPixel (8mm), a potentiometer, and a tilt sensor.

Problems I ran into/Lessons learned:

  1. LED vs NeoPixel
    Initially when I got the NeoPixel
  2. Tilt sensor
    Originally I was going to use an accelerometer to detect the cup’s motion in space. But then I realized I only need a True/False statement about whether the cup is tilt. so I used a tilt sensor instead.
  3. Transfering to small breadboard
    Originally, I got everything to work on a medium-sized breadboard. But my control rod of the potentiometer can only be oriented horizontally. See below video.

So I transferred everything to a smaller-sized breadboard, which allows my control rod to point upward.

4. Adafruit Gemma/ Teensyduino not working with Arduino
Now that I can fit the breadboard into the cup, I need to fit the arduino control in the cup as well.  I first tried Adafruit Gemma and got through the installation process. Unfortunately, the port cannot be recognized by my arduino.

Next I am going to try teensyduino. This will be the next step of my project.

Coming up, I am thinking about incorporating the following things:
1. temperature sensor
2. battery-powered
3. Proximity sensor: if there is the couple cup is nearby, the cup does something
4. Add customization

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