Bryt 2.0: A Music Visualizer (Project Proposal)


A box-like music visualizer  and music player that uses LEDs and mirrors t0 create a a visual representation of music. Users will be able to interact the with the device by changing the colors of the lights as well as being able to use headphone jack enabled devices to select the music being visualized.

LEDs will be attached to the edge of the mirror to recreate this effect. Except 4 will be used to create a 3-dimentional cube full of endless mirrors!


  • 3D printed frame for the mirrors (box-like for the device)
  • Mirrors (4 or 5)
  • LED strips
  • power source, battery
  • headphone adapter
  • sliding potenntiometer (change colors of lights)


  • Library for sound interpretation (getting inputs for music)
  • RGB led control (actual visualization)
  • Library for playing sounds (enabling the device to play music)

Order of Construction and Testing:

  1. RGB light control
  2. Sliding potentiometer control
  3. RGB control with potentiometer
  4. Play music with arduino by input from audiojack
  5. Interpret Music currently being played
  6. Visualize interpreted music
  7. 3D print box frame,
  8. Attach mirrors
  9. Attach speakers
  10. Attach arduino, audiojack, and other inputs
  11. Polish

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