Assignment 6: Final Project Proposal – “Draw Your Music”

SooJin Sohn – DRAW YOUR MUSIC (Proposal – Draft 1)

  • Abstract/Concept:

The core objective of this project is to explore the possibilities in conversion of media through user interaction. This project is designed to capture and scan a hand-drawing onĀ  a piece of paper, translate the coordinates of the drawing into musical notes.

  • Material:
    1. Arduino UNO – 1
    2. Clear acrylic boards (paper scanning area)
    3. White paper
    4. Black marker (the ink needs to be strong and heavy enough to bleed through the other side of the paper)
    5. A web camera
    6. some back lighting material for eliminating shadows
    7. A push button – that triggers the camera to initiate scanning/translating of drawing into music
    8. Some heavy Processing/MAX and Arduino coding
  • Plans for Production:
    1. Make sure to build the code in the following steps:
      • Control the webcam to capture a fixed frame size of a paper.
      • Manipulate the captured image into grayscale, and define an array that saves all RGB values of each pixel.
      • Map the captured image pixels into 0 to 1, and 50Hz to 1500Hz (serial communication between Arduino and Processing)
      • Print the mapped value coordinates
      • Serial communicate the coordinate values to Arduino, and print the coordinates into auditory data.
    2. Build the hardware
      • Use the acrylic boards, and glue the webcam along with the back lighting switch.
      • Connect a simple push button switch to the Arduino (the push button should work as the trigger for scanning and initiating the translation of the image to music)

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