Moody Monster

My project is based on the idea of relaying an emotion of the user based on the input that they feed the Arduino.

The little monster expresses emotions that are directly related to the speed at which the user presses the button, and the intensity with which they press it. The ‘intensity’ is calibrated by the potentiometer connected to the board. On the setting with high intensity, the faster the user presses the button, the angrier the monster gets. The slower the button is pressed on high intensity, the sadder the monster gets. On low intensity, the faster the button is pushed, the more scared or nervous the monster gets while the slower the button is pushed, the more tired he gets. In both intensity settings, if the user pushes at a medium pace the monster will be happy.

The following is a link to the video, code, and circuitry:

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  1. I’ve always thought of momentary switches as just a digital switch- something is either on or off, but this is a great demonstration of the different ways switches can be used as an input on a continuum! The code was well organized and easy to understand, but what did you use as a counter for the buttons?

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