Rough Crit

There are two technical sides to my project, one being the lights, and the other the sound. The sound code I have from my last project, so to reimpliment it will not be much of a problem. This will mostly consist of dealing with capacitance issues of longer wires, which should resolve itself through the use of a intermediary capacitance sensor (although I haven’t tested this yet).

The lights prove a little more challenging. I discussed with Jake Marsico his workflow on doing installations such as the one I’m attempting, and following his pointers have come up with the following. I’ve designed a passive animation in processing, and then will sample points on that animation, and send the RGB values out from processing. These will then be assigned to the correct light based on a csv file exported from the rhino layout of the entire project. I have not yet tested this full scale as I haven’t been able to acquire the lights or the fadecandy that I plan on using yet. However the animation and csv are created, and I’m confident that this workflow will work out in the end, espescially with cursory guidance from Jake.

Here is the animation that will be passively displayed on the LEDs behind the map: sketch_171116a

The next steps are definetly to begin with material tests and mock ups, I would have liked to do this sooner but wanted to wait until I had time to discuss the project with Slee.

Some changes that need to happen with the design are bringing in more of an aspect of realization about pittsburgh. Not necessarily education, but realizing something that was at the bounds of conciousness beforehand.

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