Wearable Synth Prototype

My final goal for this project is to create a 5 tone sythesizer which can be held in one hand, while the other holds a 3 axis accelerometer to control pitch bend and modulation. We’ll see if I actually get there…

In it’s current state I’ve gotten the sythesizer portion working fairly well. I’ve taken some code from a source I found online for a polyphonic synth, that to be honest was far too complicated for me to really understand, however I was able to parse it down and edit it to suit my needs. There are some issues with volume that I need to address, perhaps just try a larger speaker, as well as some issues with unintentional pitch modulation that I think is due to wires not being quite insulated and touching since it goes away everytime I jiggle the breadboard.

I’m pleased with how the capacitive touch works, and how responsive it is in general.


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