Project Title: 3D-Printed Model of “Invertigo” from King’s Island Park

Creator: Matt Schmotzer, Purdue University

This is a roller coaster almost entirely 3D-printed by Matt Schmotzer of Perdue University. It is a working model of “Invertigo” at the King’s Island amusement park, including a control console akin to one actually used on a roller coaster such as this, passenger restraints on the vehicles, and even small gates at the station to allow “guests” on.¬†All of this is powered by an Arduino Mega which I believe is hidden inside of the grey station.

Invertigo Scaled Model Roller Coaster imageInvertigo Scaled Model Roller Coaster imageInvertigo Scaled Model Roller Coaster image

This small, seemingly innocuous model actually boasts the concepts used for building real rides, such as a control console with sensory inputs that allow an operator to see when something is wrong in the system, buttons to close restraints on carts, or station dispatch controls. This seems complex, but it is really simple to imagine the system as having a doorman who decides whether or not people are allowed through a door. For these reasons, this project never ceases to impress me.