By B. Aswinth Raj

This piano is pretty much plain with just 8 push buttons and buzzer. It uses the tone() function of Arduino to create various types of piano notes on the speaker. It also has a recording feature in the project, which enables us to play a tune, record it, and play it again repeatedly when required.

Circuit hardware for Arduino based Piano with Recording and Replay

video link:

I think it’s awesome that this thing has memory, but it is limited to 8 set notes. I would want to make it a more functional instrument by adding pitch adjuster buttons to allow for a wider range of notes. I would also add another speaker (that can be adjusted to make the notes out of phase with one another) to allow for reverb / an echo. If possible I would like to add a way to manipulate the tones for our Arduino-instrument, so we can have more sounds to choose from than just that bland sinusoidal tone it has now.