Project: Punch Activated Arm Flamethrowers

Creator:  Allen Pan

Description:  Through combining a butane fuel chamber, solenoid valve, modified arc lighter, Arduino Pro Mini, and an accelerometer, you can shoot fire out of you hands like a real life fire bender. Now it’s time to stop the Avatar!

I think this project is great (though very dangerous) because like most people, I love the show Avatar: the last Airbender and who doesn’t think it’s super awesome to be able to shoot fire from your wrists? I feel like this is potentially quite dangerous in the wrong hands (get it) or if something malfunctions.

Personally I’d be interested in figuring out how to water or air bend using a similar idea (accelerometer detecting punches combined with an Arduino to set off a chain of events). How fun would it be to have a water gun fight with just your hands (assuming everything is encased so the components doesn’t get damaged)?