By gabbapeople (on instructables)

Short description: This person created a split-flap display that shows the weather including the temperature and conditions using abbreviations on the display based on the weather information from the Internet using Wi-Fi and a weather API app.

My response: I like this project and actually I’d like to have one because I always check the weather in the morning and when I’m in a hurry, even checking my phone (unlocking it, going through the weather app, waiting for it to connect) takes precious time. With this display, it would automatically show the weather like a calendar.

I would, though, wish it would show the weather conditions with diagrams instead of the abbreviations the creator made because it would be more intuitive to understand for people who, for instance, buy it. Abbreviations would be useful for the creator because he or she came up with it, but for people who use it the first time, they would have to learn the abbreviations first.