Project Title: A Glove That Translate Sign Language Into Text and Speech

Project Creator: Bipin Tiwari, Swati Sharma, satyamkr80

Short Description: The purpose of the project is to facilitate communication between people from the deaf community and other people. The glove translates ASL sign language to the letters in the alphabet and displays them on the phone. It uses accelerometer and bend sensors to distinguish hand movements and identify the letters represented.

Structure of the design

My response: I think this is a great project because it has a great purpose, and can be potentially very useful to help people communicate with each other. I also find it interesting how the sensor values can determine a specific hand movement and translate it into a letter.

Further improvement can be converting single letters into words, which would make communication easier because the reader wouldn’t have to process the letters and organize them into words. This can be done by detecting pauses where there is no hand movement. I would also integrate a hand gesture signaling the completion of a sentence, and add an audio (spoken) output of the sentence through the smartphone.