Project Title: AutoBlinds – DIY Automation for Vertical & Horizontal Blinds

Project Creator: Peter Chodyra

Short Description: Peter built this mechanism in order to create a blind system that can automatically close and open the blinds in his home when he was away. He mentions how direct light can cause damage on products and increase temperature dramatically, so this was a fun way to prevent this.

              The Autoblinds in real life

My Response: I thought this was really clever and useful tool, but for different reasons compared to Peter. When I read that this would prevent objects from being damaged by light when he was away, I just think that you would close the blinds all the way when you were gone, and it wouldn’t be a problem. Instead, I thought this was a good project because adjusting blinds are generally difficult and an annoyance to do because they can get stuck frequently and it takes quite a while twisting and positioning to get the type of shade you want. So with this mechanism that can change these settings automatically, it can save me a lot of troubles (especially with a lot of windows with blinds). If I could change one thing, I would allow it so that these mechanisms could be manually controlled as well (maybe with a remote or app on your phone), so that you could set them all to a specific setting (for example, if you wanted to close all the blinds, you could do that).