Project Title: Cat Food Access Control

Project Creator: Becky Stern

Short Description: Becky Stern designed an automated food bowl for her cat that should not eat food at night in order to follow the insulin schedule. The bowl closes between midnight and 7:30 am, functioning by using Network Time Protocol(NTP).


Cat eating food while the bowl is open (daytime)

Response: I think it is great that the project creator customized her own automated bowl for her dog in a minimal but effective way. Many products in the market are overpriced and sometimes have unnecessary functions or details, but this one is simple and it works well.

Like she mentioned, cats that are younger and stronger could open the lid because it is not very secure. I think an improvement to resolve this would be making the lid fit tightly below the rim of the bowl so that it is difficult for cats to open, instead of having the lid close above the rim.