Project title: Color Sorting Machine

Project creator: Little French Kev

Short description: A machine was built to sort skittles into the different colors. Skittles will be added to the top reservoir of the machine and tubes are attached to the holder at the bottom of the machine. The rings of test tubes will rotate so that the spout will align to the test tube that contains the same color as the skittle that is being examined.

Response: I think this is a really cool project because I often find myself only liking certain flavors of skittles. The entire execution of the project seems very well done, where wires are all hidden and the presentation is really neat. One thing I realized is that the ring of tubes would always rotate in a way (clockwise or anti-clockwise) such that it would minimize the amount of time to get to the target tube.

One thing I might want to add to this project is to increase the number of skittles it can sort as well as allowing for the tubes to be sealed and switched out whenever it is full.