Cyborg Computer Mouse

Project title: Cyborg Computer Mouse

Project creator:

Short description: This project aims to provide a more ergonomic computer mouse experience. It is known that poor posture at the computer is a major problem and that users spend more time using the mouse than the keyboard. Thus, it would be helpful if there was a better way to interact with the computer.

The glove and the Arduino unit

Response: I think this project is pretty neat because it tries to improve the way people interact with the computer. The mouse has been around for a long time and hasn’t really changed while everything else has changed drastically.

If I were to make my own version, I’d probably want to shorten the wires, so they wouldn’t be sticking out. I might also try to replace the joystick with a sensor that detects finger movement. It would allow the user would use the device by swiping on an imaginary screen.

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