Project Title: DIY Fingerprint Scanning Garage Door Opener

Project Creator:  User “nodcah” (instructables website)

Short Description: After forgetting his house keys several times, user “nodcah” developed a system that would allow him to open his garage door with the touch of a fingerprint. He used a fingerprint scanner that can store different fingerprint data under id numbers. When the right fingerprint is scanned, it prompts his garage door to open.

DIY Fingerprint Scanning Garage Door Opener

Final product of fingerprint scanning door opener


Although complicated, the project eliminate the need to buy expensive garage door systems and is a practical solution to his problem. The great thing about it is that it can be applied to many different scenarios since it can be integrated to control any motorized lock.

Instead of holding down the fingerprint scanner to store different finger prints under different id #, I suggest making the device more user friendly by putting in a number keypad to choose the id # for storage. It would be faster and more intuitive for the user, especially if it is used by several different people living in the same house.