The First Transmitters and Receivers Prototypes

The battery of the beeper and the beeper!

Project Title: UD Alert/Undress Alert

Project Creator: (could not find his full name)

Short description: It is an undress alert that is attached to one’s bottom that creates a sound when one tries to undress the bottom. This was created by Alain, for his autistic son who undresses his bottom when he feels an urgency to go to washroom.

Response: I think this is a work that was created with very specific reasoning and purpose, yet not only this is great for monitoring children with similar experiences but it also has multiple paths that it could take for different purposes, such as protection tool to prevent rapes.

In my version, I would take it further on different purposes that this tool could be used. For example, moving further from this prototype and improve on the size and design of the tool, and attach it to underwear and pants in order to prevent unwanted undressing by others.