Project title: Unsafe Noise Level Alert System

Project creator: Ring the Decibels team of Rice University 

Short description: A group of engineering students of Rice University, Ring the Decibels, found a problem in their maker space at Rice University for inadequate unsafe noise warning and protection. In this regard, they designed an alert system so that the maker space users can wear appropriate hearing protection. 

Unsafe sound alarm in the maker space

Response: The identified problem was very clear that there should be a warning system for unsafely loud noise. I think the project was simple and straight forward that it directly solves the problem.

However, I found the color representation of degrees of warning unclear, and wood to be an inappropriate material to use for the body when it is fully exposed to hazardous machines and materials in the maker space. If I were to make my own version, I would put short descriptions of code of conduct for each color of noise level, and change the body material to metal.