aahdee – LostrittoReading

I enjoyed the reading –  it was an interesting topic and I like to think about the theory of what a drawing is before implementing it in practice. It helps me think of the drawing in abstract terms and opens the door to more experimentation. I agree with Lostritto’s definitions on what a drawing is not, but I am interested in what he thinks about animal drawings. Could an animal have similar skill and autonomy as a human to make a drawing? And if they do, do they have ownership over that drawing? Does the animal have to understand what a drawing is and have intentionality to create one in order for it to be considered a drawing? These are interesting questions to me because I anthropomorphize my computers and robotic tools and treat them a bit like their own beings that have feelings and can act moody. They’re a bit like pets to me – and I’m aware the other people view animals in the same vein as machines. So I wonder what those people think about animal creation and ownership.