bookooBread – PlotterTwitter

Before this assignment, I had never been on plotter twitter. And wow was I really missing out because there is some crazy, crazy stuff. The diversity in what people can people can make with this one tool is pretty insane. I feel like personally it offers some stylistic choices that I felt like I was missing from programming art. I love the imperfections and unexpectedness of using physical materials, so seeing how people can combine that with algorithms and code that also offer some unexpected (or expected) outcomes is really exciting.

I felt like this approach to blending color was super interesting and really taking advantage of what the plotter can do.

I was really drawn to the plotter work of @Sheltron3030. I think one thing that I was drawn to was his use of 3D in the 2D space of the paper. Using the plotter he was able to get such incredible depth that would be pretty difficult to do by hand. I also really loved the small distortions/gaps in each plot. It added this uniqueness and character that otherwise wouldn’t be as interesting without these “mess-ups”. Some of his plots also remind me of the look of screen printing? I’m not sure if it is the material/pen he used or just the mark being made, but I love it. Especially the ones with white pen on black paper. Kind of looks like the cover of unknown pleasures…?