10-11 Visual Feedback


  • Reminder: guest on Wednesday 10/13, Jessica In
  • Brief presentation about visual feedback systems
  • Work session

Visual Feedback Systems

Shantell Martin:

Jared Tarbell’s Substrate (2003) (& online discussion) — in which a line propagates until it hits a line, while sometimes branching off new lines:

A single line (known internally as a “crack”) begins drawing itself from some random point in some random direction. The line continues to draw itself until it either (a) hits the edge of the screen or (b) hits another line, at which point it stops and two more lines begin. The one simple rule used in the creation of new lines is that they begin at tangents to existing lines. This process is repeated until there are too many lines to keep track of or the program is stopped.

See Golan’s Simple Substrate in p5.js

Other examples:

Mitchell Whitelaw, Limits to Growth (2008):

Mario Klingemann, Subdivision (2009):

Mauro Annunziato, Chaos Revenge (1999):