#10 Research Proposal

For the beginning of class on Wednesday 11/3:

1. Please come in with a question for Sougwen Chung.

2. In a blog post:

  • Write a paragraph that describes what you would like to do for your final project.
  • Include some links or images of relevant prior art, helpful tools, inspirations, or other background research that is informing your goals.
  • Do some planning, and include a rough timeline of what you expect to have completed by each of the dates in the calendar below.
  • Embed an image of a sketch that hints at what you’d like to make. This can be a simple quick drawing, etc.
  • Optionally, embed any evidence (such as a screenshot) of any progress you may have made so far.
  • Categorize your post 10-ProjectProposal, and title it, Nickname-Proposal.

11.03	Wed	-- Due: #10 (Research/Proposal/Tests); DISCUSSION.
11.08	Mon	-- Work day. 
11.10	Wed	-- Work day. 
11.15	Mon	-- Work day. 
11.17	Wed	-- Due: #11 (Major Milestone); CRITIQUE.
11.22	Mon	-- Work day.
11.24	Wed	-- NO SESSION (Thanksgiving).
11.29	Mon	-- Work day.
12.01	Wed	-- Due: #12 (Final Project); EXHIBITION.