Overall concept – A giant rat monster created out of modern fears (GMO and chemically altered food as well as the lingering fear of verminous diseases and depredation) attacks the city (the public), and is at first feebly opposed by the military (regulations) before the secret weapon robot (the modern autonomous soldier droids) is sent to fight it.  The robot does more damage than good (since the military is often feared as much or more than GMO food) and is finally observed by a lynx wizard (the silently watching ecosystem we are destroying, another fear) who then steps in to defeat both (the struggle of the once mystical natural force against the machine and unnatural).  We zoom out on a group of drunk college students arguing over who would win in a fight (the folly of youth embracing what is dynamic and often destructive), who are promptly smashed flat by the foot on the rat monster (the revenge of nature against those that pervert it and the loss of youth through experience of the downsides of what they foolishly embrace).

Cinematic techniques (may not all be used)

  1. Forced perspective using small foreground objects (a cutout skyline) near the camera, and realistic models (tanks, army, etc) next to full size actors
  2. Stop motion (rat eating food)
  3. Setting scene with either greenscreen or back projection
  4. Illusion of motion with moving foreground
  5. Post-production effects
    1. Laser/machine gun from various attackers
    2. Lightning blasts from monsters (similar to those used in the first Flash Gordon serials)

What we already have

  1. Life size toy rat
  2. Toy tanks, cars, troops, and other things for monsters to stomp and eat
  3. Small drone to bat away
  4. Rat, Lynx, and robot costumes along with accessories
  5. Greenscreen
  6. Crystal ball

Things to potentially make

  1. Cardboard skyline
    1. Possible mechanical addition to make it track across the view to simulate motion of monsters
  2. Safe means of using small fireworks to simulate rocket attacks and explosions (also like the early Flash Gordon serials).


A modern B movie by Paul Calhoun, John Choi, Victoria Rosuello, Sam Day, and Justin Abel