Key Scenes

  1. Rat eating hamburger
    1. Scene is entirely shot on a lab table
      1. Suzie wants stainless steel.  Depends on what we can find
    2. Lab hands working on burger
    3. Put flag in burger
    4. Scene becomes dark
    5. Rat appears from outside view
      1. Rat should be established in a shot of it looking at the camera partway through and then back to the progress towards hamburger
    6. Rat goes to burger and eats it
      1. Burger can disappear in multiple bites
      2. But most likely will be done by cuts
    7. Rat falls over
    8. Back and forth between burger and rat as music plays
    9. Fade and crash
    10. We can use this rat or make one out of a puffball with googly eyes and whiskers (let me know which you prefer before class so I know whether to bring the rat).  The limitation is that nothing can be done to the toy rat because it’s a family item.
  2. Monsters fighting
    1. Rat is blundering around city
      1. Should look confused and clumsy at
        1. Motivation is that rat has just become enormous and bipedal and is trying to get away rather than being destructive for its own sake
      2. Monster size rat.  Has eyes that can light up and flash.
    2. Robot enters
      1. Not sure how it arrives
      2. Fights rat with more destruction
  3. Third scene
    1. Could be college kids, could be Congressional committee
      1. Needs decision


Optional scenes

  1. Military fighting monsters
    1. Would likely need scenes with humans ordering the military into action
    2. Post-production might be needed
  2. Lynx wizard attacking from afar
    1. Symbolically difficult to put through but otherwise could be done relatively quickly (though post production would be tricky if we had the lynx totally separate from the rest of the critters, as there would need to be lightning bolts etc coming at them).  The upside is that the lynx has a movable jaw, so he can talk without it spoiling the image.