Flash: A Story of Drive – Yelim, Lumi, Daniel, Tony, GyuEun

In this unlikely story, we examine the seemingly uninteresting operations of a flash drive. We paint the world of a librarian operating a physical library that governs the…

Tum Tum Waffles – Final Project – Dave/Cora/Miranda/Melodie

Stop motion and live action footage used to create a narrative about a creature who is in over their head after purchasing a new kitchen appliance.

Storyboard – Dave, Melodie, Cora, Miranda

final project storyboard

Mar 27 Agenda

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Group 1 – Project 2 Storyboards (Roly, Davey, Selina Selina, Cheyenne, Ashley)

https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1NhvjLVzSVbRl1_C-HDbiv3tu2UQrjuS46s0XwqcmkoU/edit#slide=id.g370eabc039_0_22   Hi garth and suzie  🙂

Storyboard – Sydney, Chaerin, Felipe, Jackson, Michelle


Final Project Storyboard – lumi, yelim, daniel, tony, gyueun

S T O R Y B O A R D ! !

Mar 20 Agenda

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Group 4 -Dave, Chae Rin, Yelim, Tony, Selina

  For this project, we aimed to show the growth and also cycle of life of a blob. The focus was on more of the internal structure of…

Miss Mary O. Nette: The Drag Ostrich

For this character assignment, we created a drag ostrich. It is ostentatious in nature and flirts with itself in the mirror and to the camera. We digitally animated…