Olivia – Final

Bands in Isolation

3d visuals using photogrammetry for interviews with bands during quarantine

I wanted to create a project that was trying to do a little good in this crazy world right now, even if it was really small. Since, I have a radio show every week I made this project to explore what bands are doing in isolation right now and help those whose tours got cancelled to promote their new work. Interviews on YouTube that are audio only are pretty non-engaging, so I wanted to experiment with visual elements that are like a music video for an interview. This is definitely still a work in progress as I want to make the visuals more meaningful and custom to each interview. The video below is excerpts from some of the interviews conducted, with visuals from me experimenting with display.land, meshlab, unity, and premiere effects.

I think the content is interesting in the context of the time we are living in, I also think it is exciting because as I grow more comfortable with these softwares/experimentation I can create visuals that are more unique and personal to each person such as objects in their own homes. However, I am still figuring out ffmpeg in order to turn video to photogrammetry so that reality will come with figuring out this tool. Currently, I am using objects that are personal to me (such as the albums, places, and instruments featured) which I find interesting since I wouldn’t have access to these under normal circumstances and it highlights the connections between people and how music can bring us together.

The techniques used in this music video inspire me and I enjoy the repetitive, simple, but extremely engaging use of photogrammetry in the video. Also, not pictured but there was a pretty flashy and cliche music video we were shown in lecture that I couldn’t find of slowly flying through really textured objects/landscapes that mainly inspired this work as something I wanted to replicate but with more meaningful and less show-off-y objects.

I think that conversations that were had were in my project were very fruitful and I was happy with the visuals as a good start because they were very close to the aesthetic I originally wanted. The visuals lack strength in their concept, because although they are related they seem lacking in connectivity to the subject matter and something that makes them unique and important. But I am excited because I threw myself into a lot of unfamiliar territory and  feel ready to experiment with more techniques and am excited to keep this project going .

Rough Draft Experiments for Final

Test experiments messing around with Unity controls/effects with photogrammetry objects that relate to interviews with musicians



  • Using screencastify with NDI to record but pretty choppy even on 60fps
    • Screen record on game bar doesn’t record Unity builds or in engine
  • Thinking about adding a smoothing effect (slow down) 
    • Mess around with effects
  • Thinking about capturing empty venues/places and/or objects relevant to the interview
  • Currently using display.land = would be easier if I could convert video to photos to photogram
    • Should I use ffmpeg (agisoft trial is out, other free softwares for photogram)

End of the Year Plan – Olivia

For the rest of the year I’m planning on working on a final project. For this final project I have two ideas I’m deciding between.

  1. I am planning on conducting interviews with bands (specifically those who had cancelled tours or just released albums) and broadcast these interviews both on the radio and online. For this class, I am thinking about creating a visual accompaniment to the interview possibly using photogrammetry or some other moving music-video-esc visual to be played while listening to the interview.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Since the first project is contingent on whether or not I get interviews with these people, I have a second idea for a project
  2. I am planning on creating a slenderman-esc horror video game where I use photogrammetry to capture locations near me that are eerily empty (high school parking lot, train parking lot/outside station, church parking lot, downtown shopping area streets/parking lot). The player of the game walks and explores these locations and has to avoid other people.

Poor Images Olivia Cunnally


Picture of me from objects on my computer  (portrait comprised of files from downloads, google drive, pictures, desktop and bookmarks)


Pictures Throughout Time of Genuine Joy: (pictures of me from my computer experiencing genuine happiness)


Picture of Me From My First Google Image Results: (my most common profile pictures and a real old video I made for a college scholarship)

App Misuse Olivia Cunnally

Misusing the Panorama App and the Slow Shutter Fast Cam App

Panorama as I roll down a hill:

Long exposure of me rolling down a hill:

Long exposure of my sister walking

Long exposure of camera moving up and down:

Long exposure of my sister shaking her head:

A Walk Outside In Crystal Lake

Here are the pictures from my walk the other day. I’m back home and walked around my new neighborhood in Crystal Lake, Illinois.

This discovery was the leftover pieces of the tragedy that happened in my town this summer. My town seems to be in this weird state of forgetting the events, not wanting to be disrespectful, and also having constant reminders of what happened.

I also always forget how red my county is compared to other counties in the area. Though it’s not a direct correlation, the amount of american flags everywhere is striking, you can’t turn your head without seeing one I realized on my walk.

Here are some other things I found on my walk:

Olivia’s Temporal Capture Idea

So as I watched the lecture and scanned through the lecture pages, I kept thinking about how these methods can be used right now. My brain, as probably most people’s, is preoccupied by the emotions going on right now. With the capture methods of timelapse, slowmotion, and photogrammetry I kept thinking about how they can be used to capture the emotions/thoughts/actions of people right now going through this point in history. I do not know what it would reveal, but I think the layers of emotions many people seem to be wearing right now is interesting and could possibly reveal how individuals are processing and coping.

My main idea is to make a music video which follows either one or multiple people as they do their normal day to day activities but then something is done to reveal other layers of emotion that exist. Either slowing down on elements of their face that hint at other emotions or using photogrammetry to copy their head then explore what is happening inside using Unity.