Agenda and Reminders

  • Please complete this important logistics survey before the end of class today. We will use it to schedule the final presentations on Thursday. We will email a presentation schedule sometime mid-day Wednesday.
  • Faculty Course Evaluations are open. Your feedback matters! Please login here.
  • Final Project Deliverables. As a reminder, detailed information about Final Project deliverables are here.
  • Any questions about Final Project presentations for Thursday? (Expect a slot of exactly 7 minutes, with 3-4 minutes to present your project from a blog post. There will be two external guests, and a Google Doc to collect other feedback.)
  • App Misuse Festival (below)!
  • Individual meetings with Nica & Golan; work session. (Complete the FCE?)

App Misuse Festival!

We’ve selected the following offerings to present in the first half of class today, as a celebration of your creative experimentation with a wide variety of capture technologies.  

Izzy 3D Photo Inpainting
Tahirah AR Typography
David Slit-Scanning (Mirror)
David Slit-Scanning (Poloska)
Kaitlyn Slit-Scanning
Policarpo Slit-Scanning
Cassie Slit-Scanning (Cat)
Joseph Slit-Scanning (Poloska)
Cat Slit-Scanning
Cat Super SloMo Interpolation
Huw Panoramic Imaging
Jacqui Panoramic Imaging
Sean Light Painting
Olivia Long Exposure
Lukas Timelapse Depth Estimation