Final Presentation Schedule

Welcome to our final presentations from Spring 2020 Experimental Capture!

Today, 18 students will present their final projects. We will operate on a 7.5-minute schedule, with two students sharing work every 15 minutes. Each student should make their presentation in approximately 3-4 minutes, leaving another ~3 minutes of discussion. We have three 15-minute breaks scheduled, and anticipate ending at 4:45pm.

These presentations are being recorded. All present are warmly invited to contribute helpful comments to this Google Document. (Please do not use the Zoom chat.)

Time Student Program Project Title
13:45:00 Cat Design MxD The Silhouettes of COVID-19
13:52:30 Christian Art BFA + HCII Zoom Morsels
14:00:00 Joyce Drama BCSA Prism
14:07:30 Oscar Art BCSA History City
14:15:00 Izzy Art+Cog. BHA Out of Memory
14:22:30 Spoon Design BCSA Faxtivities
15-Minute Break
14:45:00 Stacy HCII MHCI Experimental Knowledge Capture
14:52:30 Steven Art BFA Slime Language
15:00:00 Jacqui CS + Film Sketch Grid
15:07:30 Joseph Drama MVMD Packing and Cracking
15-Minute Break
15:30:00 David Art+Sci SDM Our Spaces of Quarantine
15:37:30 Kaitlyn Art+Phys. BSA Time in a Room
15:45:00 Huw Art BFA Clouded
15:52:30 Sean Drama MVMD Here & There
15-Minute Break
16:15:00 Lukas Arch. BArch Catterns
16:22:30 Olivia Art BFA + Film Band in Isolation
16:30:00 Policarpo Arch. MSCD 360 Ings
16:37:30 Lumi Art BFA Sqiuridaes