• Reminder: Nina Katchadourian guest lecture on Thursday 4/9, 1:30-2:30 (be on time)
  • Mini-presentation by Nica: Poor Images
  • Review of recent offerings: Poor Images, App Misuse
  • Proposed offering for Thursday 4/9: “Atlas of Everyday Objects In the Age of Global Social Isolation”. Contribute to this project: http://www.observationalpractices.org/atlas/, duplicate or put a link in a blog post to your contribution.
  • Actual Assignment: End-of-Semester Plan Blog Post. In a blog post (Categorized AprilPlan), please briefly describe your plan for the remainder of the semester in ExCap. This can be very brief (a paragraph is sufficient). Possible satisfactory examples: “I am working on a final project, in which I will make an X in order to explore Y”, “I hope to make lightweight offerings, exploring things like A, B, or C.”
  • Breakout sessions for today:

  • Individual sessions as necessary/available.