1. Avatar Appreciation!

2. STUDIO Residency-In-Your-Room Fellowships.
Information and application forms are here. Get $200 to stimulate your creativity. Applications are every Monday at 11:59pm. Note, this is juried. Ten fellowships are offered per week.

3. Exit Ticket. Here are quick results from the last Exit Ticket (with 14 results, as of 12:15pm):

Your comments and requests: 

  • class activities
  • A one on one conversation (or small groups) to begin brainstorming concepts
  • Some coding workshops related with image or video streams (ffmpeg maybe).
  • I am a little confused about what we are doing on Slack.
  • Continuing optional, low stress offerings with educational lectures
  • A little direction, and maybe some consultation to talk about ideas. I don’t have anything in mind right now, but I really do want to make a great final project. A lot of other senior-year projects I was working on fell through due the pandemic, but I think I have the capacity to make something meaningful for this class.
  • Kind of open-ended assignments that allow us to work with a media dependent on our abilities/location
  • Things to learn! Also, I am not sure.

4. Breakout rooms (to discuss offerings, talk about possible final projects, and to have human contact). There will be two sessions of breakout groups (01-05, then 11-14), ~20-30 minutes each. Through this process, each student will get to speak with about 7 different people 🙂

5. App use, App abuse, and App misuse. For next Thursday (April 2), please spend time with several of the different apps proposed in the spreadsheet we’ve been contributing to, or from the topic list below, and (if you’re able — no pressure), present an offering in a blog post. Use the Category, AppMisuse.

Possible app types:

  • High-dynamic range imaging
  • Slow motion
  • Time lapse
  • Light-painting (don’t confuse with AR drawing)
  • Panoramic/360º imaging
  • Photo stitching
  • Super-resolution (enhancement, upscaling)


6. Proposal for Class, Tuesday 3/31: fourteen-minute individualized sessions with Nica or Golan, TBA.