Individual meetings for Tuesday, March 31

We would like to have 15-minute meetings with each of you — to check in on how you’re doing, and to discuss your creative plan for the remaining month of class. We propose the following schedule. (These will not be your only one-on-one meetings; there will be more to come!) Please be online 3-5 minutes before your scheduled time. You should meet us in the normal ExCap class Zoom.
Time Golan Nica
1:30 PM Oscar Olivia
1:45 PM Joyce Lukas
2:00 PM Kaitlyn Lumi
2:15 PM Policarpo Spoon
2:30 PM Jacqui Stacy
2:45 PM Break Break
3:00 PM Joseph Christian
3:15 PM Sean Huw
3:30 PM Philippe Steven
3:45 PM Cat Cassie
4:00 PM David Izzy
4:15 PM Tahirah
There are no other in-class meetings or activities scheduled for 3/31. However, we encourage you to get a jump on the following:

2. Readings & suggested project for Tuesday 4/7

As you know, we have shifted to readily-available modes of capture — and to more introspective, resourceful uses of lower-fidelity media. For next week, we ask you to read the following two articles, which consider the nature of meaning in our universe of lo-fi images, and the cultural history of an overlooked method of image acquisition:
In response, we invite you to make an (optional) offering for next Tuesday, April 7. We propose that you create a small, annotated collection of 3 images that delineate or depict yourself — as you and your traces are captured in what Steyerl calls “poor images”. These may be screen shots, Google image search results, inadvertent captures, surveillance footage, avatar icons…. Place these in a blog post categorized PoorImages, with a brief description of each.