Final Project – Elle

So, I am not sure how to write an explanation of this dress, execept that it came out very far from my original intention. I guess it is a very personal work that took on a lot more meaning as the holidays drew nearer, and my grief has slowly been creeping back in stronnger as I made this. As a result, The base dress, in my opinnion id extermely well and carefully constructed, made with time and care, and the two other elements are compensations. Drama meannt to pull away from how little work actually went into them.

The sleeves are a replica of sleeves from 1893 but made out of this sheer fabric. I chose this kind of sleeve becase of how it kind of swallows you, yet the sheer fabbric makes it so you cant ever bee fully swallowed and pulled in.

For the spine, I thought about alot of techniques, nearly chrocheting it, but instead I ended up going with a kind of ruffling technique because I felt there was a certain protectiveness to the ample fabric, but the protectiveness isn’t very meaningful.