Final Project – Jesse

My final project is a series of reflective weavings intermixed with physical mementos from my life, coming together in shadowboxes to create a coherent energy. The final setup of the three pieces is below.

My final three shadow box pieces.

I wanted to emphasize this piece as being reflective, and I did that on many levels. For the entire weaving process that took time from thanksgiving break all the way to finals week, I took the opportunity to reflect on different aspects of my life while weaving. I am feeling as if a big chapter of my life is closing and another one is coming soon, so this project helped me feel as if this “era” was wrapped up. Now, I have mementos from this time in my life to take forward in life. The first weaving I completed was called “slipping through the cracks”, and to me it represents much of the anxiety and mental health issues I have had over the years.

“slipping through the cracks”

The next piece I completed was one in which I spent a lot of time on to perfect. I wanted to dive into the more exciting pieces of life such as my adventures and travels in the past. I have always felt a very strong connection with nature, and I feel that comes through in this piece. I called it “the rush” to highlight my love for adrenaline, but also for the chaos that is normal, pre-covid life, especially when travelling.

“the rush”

Finally, I used our dyed pieces and physical images to create a memento that reminds me of my friends, school, and current life. This one, in a way, represents what is on my mind during a normal school year. Because of that, I titled this one “on my mind”.

“on my mind”

This project has been really powerful for me in terms of introspection. I have enjoyed taking time to improve my weaving and embroidery skills, and creating mementos and weaving habits that will last a lifetime. This class has been really impactful and transformative for me because I found this connection to a great activity, and I am excited to continue building my skills. This project has made me feel more connected to my past self, and I am grateful for that!