Dancing Cloud

Inputs: Pressure and/or Sound

Outputs: LEDs inside balloon arch

This project is an interactive installation consisting of a pressure mat similar to dance dance revolution/twister. When a person steps on this mat, it results in activating lights connected to a balloon arch. The lights activated depend on where the person steps. When there is nobody on the pressure mat, the lights react to the sound from the background or another project. Ideally, this reaction will be based on frequencies. If not, it is likely to be based on volume. The balloon arch will have the lights both inside and around the balloons.

This project is intended to be situated by the stairs near the zebra lounge. Any people passing by can interact with it.

This idea was inspired from brainstorming about balloons and potential ways to detect passerbys. Reacting to sounds through their frequencies and use of force sensitive resistors is inspired from an earlier project of one of the groupmates.

Block Diagram:

List of Materials

  • Force sensitive resistors (ideate)
  • Footprint Decals to put over the resistors (diy)
  • Balloons (amazon or ideate)
  • LED strip/ string lights/ neopixels (ideate)
  • Microphone (ideate)
  • Arduino + Wiring (ideate)