We would like you to share a portfolio of your work with the class, so that we can better understand your creative trajectory, your prior knowledge and skills, and your interests. We will use this understanding to inform our course design and teaching.

Create a 10 minute presentation about yourself and your practice or technical expertise. Your goal is to explain the concepts, materials, technical ideas, scholars, artists, technologies, and/or processes that interest and influence you. Do not attempt to show everything you have ever done! Be selective and choose your most demonstrative work: especially projects that indicate where you are and where you think you are headed. Aim to show technical projects, art works, or whatever form your creative output has taken. You may also include examples of others’ work, images of influential writers or books, designers, or anything else that will help the class understand you—but the focus should be on your own work, whatever form it takes.

Submission Instructions:

During class, you will share your screen to present. You are welcome to use whatever presentation software/format you’d like.

Additionally, submit a PDF of your presentation to the Canvas assignment.  Please use this naming convention for your file: Portfolio_Lastname. (If your presentation includes video or other interactive material, of course that won’t be embedded in the PDF, but that’s ok.)

Due Wednesday, August 31st, at 9:05 a.m.