Wednesday, September 14 Update

During today’s Class, we briefly went over the Course Website. Afterward, we introduced 3D Printing Technology & Processes. Toward the end of Class, we downloaded a 3D Print File, and began reviewing 3D Printing File Preparation in Rhino. If you missed class, you should review the Website, and briefly review the 3D Printing Introduction/Presentation. We’ll review the 3D Printing- Rhino File Prep in our next class.

Monday, September 12 Update

During today’s Class, we introduced the Rabbit Laser Equipment, available in IDeATe Print Lab (A5b). We discussed File Preparation in Rhinoceros; continued File Export/Import & Preparation in LaserCut, and Equipment Policy & Procedure. At the end of Class, we briefly discussed Project 1 (TIME). If you missed Class, you should review the following: