Welcome—and thank you for your interest! Digital Tooling (digiTOOL) provides a platform for any CMU student to learn Digital Fabrication processes; all of which are very hands-on.

Like these processes, this class is also very hands-on. It is very important that you actively participate in course exercises: we learn best by doing. And to demonstrate what we learn, we will document our work in project portfolios.

Portfolios will be used to document and share our individual process. Your portfolio can be public or private. You may also use your existing portfolio platform for this class. If you do not have a portfolio, I suggest using the IDeATe gallery for the purposes of this class.

This site will serve as our group portfolio and review tool. Course content will be documented and shared; including tutorials, presentations, instructions and all relevant information. Please, use this home page as your Table of Contents:



Provides information on course content, instruction methods, goals and grading criterion.


Provides troubleshooting and contact options. Please, don’t hesitate to contact me for assistance. For urgent matters, email help@ideate.cmu.edu.

Facility Hours

IDeATe has Open Access Hours Monday through Friday from 4:30 to 5:30pm during the academic year.


IDeATe has a large inventory of equipment, physical computing components, and building materials available to students in room A29.


Provides information, videos, and instructional materials from class. If you miss class, this is your best method to catch up!



A little information on the IDeATe Macbooks, available for borrowing from IDeATe Lending (A29). We will use these during class, for the majority of the course.


A spreadsheet for those who aren’t familiar with standard or metric decimal conversions with fractions. Not a requirement, just a tool!


Guidelines and instructions for course project submissions.

IDeATe Gallery

External link to IDeATe Gallery, site  for digiTOOL class portfolios.


Project 1

Provides Project 1 goals, criteria, requirements, and relevant links to helpful resources.


Provides step-by-step instructions on how to import your file into LaserCut, correctly modify your settings, and send the file to the Laser Equipment.


Details IDeATe’s Rabbit Laser Equipment Policy. Must be exercised at all times to retain access to Equipment!


Details IDeATe’s Rabbit Laser equipment procedure/operation. Must be exercised at all times to retain access to Equipment!


A web-form, that will provide you with suggested settings for Laser Cutting, scoring or engraving on a variety of materials.


Project 2

Provides 3D Printing Project2 Goals, Criteria and Requirements, with relevant links to helpful resources.