Soft Fabrication Fall 2020

Syllabus Fall 2020
Ideate Gallery Link (examples of students’ final projects from previous semesters)

Videos for Week 1
00 Introduction
01 Hand Sewing Powerpoint 
02 Cutting Fabric
03 Hand Sewing Stitches (basting stitch, tiny running stitch,
       backstitch, overcast, blanket, appliqué)
04 Hem Stitch (slip)  
05 Hem Whip Stitch
06 Machine Sewing Powerpoint
07 Understanding Your Sewing Machine (Brother) 
       must be watched whether you have Brother or Janome
08 Understanding Your Sewing Machine (Janome)
       only watch if you borrowed Janome machine
09 Sewing Machine Samples (circle and square spiral, letter)
10 How to Use a Seam Ripper

History of Sewing Machines
Spacesuit: Fashioning Apollo, Nicholas de Monchaux

Working With Embroidery Floss
10 Fun Embroidery Stitches
Three Historical Stitches
Basic Stitches for Historical Sewing
Invisible Stitch
List of Great Books to Get Into Sewing

Videos for Week 2
Videos for Week 3

Sewing Machine Manuals
Brother Manual
Janome Manual


Bulk Conductive Fabric
Less EMF

Bulk Conductive Thread
Lame Life saver

Sewable Components

How to Get What you Want

Make: Wearable Electronics (book)

The Art of Manipulating Fabric by Colette Wolff (book)