Location: Hunt Library A5 and Hunt computer cluster (basement)

Instructor: Susan Finger,

TAs: Chelsea Chen (weiqiaoc@andrew) and Noel Lau (noell@andrew).

Download link for SolidWorks. Warning: together the CDs take up more than 10 gig. The serial number is in the readme file. You can also purchase the CDs from the CMU computer store for $25.00. The license is good for one year.

Date Topics Assignment
Class 1
Featured material: wood
Overview of the micro course (presentation)

1a-Setting Up SolidWorks
Getting started

1b-SolidWorks 2.5D Parts
Features, sketches, dimensions, relations, text

1c-Creating DXF Files
Converting SolidWorks parts to dxf files

Intro to the Laser Cutter (presentation)

Sign up for fire extinguisher training.

Upload SolidWorks and DXF files of personalized keyfob. Upload image of completed keyfob.

Class 2
Featured material: acrylic
Creating 3D parts (presentation)

Kerf and Joinery (presentation)

Working with Acrylic (presentation)

2-Reference Geometry
Construction geometry, symmetry

3-Assemblies configurations, assemblies, mates, trim tool, offset

Upload SolidWorks and DXf files for Mickey Mouse and Heart puzzle. Upload images of completed parts.

Submit Project proposal

Class 3
Featured material: cardboard and paper
4-Equations equations; making 3D shapes

5 Engraving Images

McMaster-Carr shopping

Reference: Laser cut enclosure design


Class  4
Thingiverse and Pinterest

Pepakura for paper craft

In-class design project


Design and manufacture a project of your choosing



Software Installation


LaserCut for Rabbit Laser

Laser Cutter Info

Other Resources

SolidWorks 2017 Essential Training at; log in here.

Susan Finger adapted from Dave Touretzky’s material