Curated Experiments — David Perry

The goal of this project was to find a way to take fabric samples and present them in a finalized way. I decided to do this by creating a set of fabric panels, each of which would be inset with a fabric panel. The fabric panels acted to frame each work, while also bringing a cohesiveness to the larger curated form because each panel was standardized.

The original proposal included 6 panels, 3 of which would explore unique techniques of actuating, constraining, or presenting inflatables, and 3 of which would delve into different methods of cutting, layering, or exposing texture. Because of limitations on time the project was reduced to 3 panels. One which focussed on layering, one which experimented with flaps, and finally a panel which used vacuum forming to expose a texture.

Each Panel was labeled to distinguish from Vacuum or Textured.


Many Samples were produced before making the final panels.