Independent Project – Rachel Kim

Because I consider studying basic as the best way to develop our skills and check the improvements, I wanted to explore basic forms for this independent project. Like all the basic aspects for products was geometric shapes, I also believed that geometric shapes could be the basic step for making soft sculptures and inflatables. Therefore, for this independent project, my goal was to create a series of three-dimensional, geometric shapes in soft forms in order to explore various forms from the repetition of simple patterns.

Since there was no such an opportunity for checking our improvements through this whole semester during class, this independent project was a great chance to see what I have learned from each assignment for me.

The image above is the selection of  geometric shapes that I created for the project. I wanted to create them as the warm-up activity before heading to complicated forms. However, the endless repetition of geometric shapes was really challenging for fabric. Since every corner and edge should be sewed perfectly for the complicated forms, I kept failing to complete forms that have more than 10 sides. Therefore, I changed the goal of this independent project for exploring simple three dimensional geometric forms with different types of fabric.

With many differences, I did enjoy the experience of making geometric shapes with different types of fabric that we have used in class. I really liked how all the geometric shapes in soft forms feel like a sphere ball without any sharp edges and corners. I would love to explore the simple geometric forms in various types of fabric such as cotton, silk, velvet, canvas, denim, and hard paper. For hard paper and canvas, I would like to challenge some complicated forms that I failed for this project, since they have hard surfaces to easily create sharp edges and corners.