Lectures + Links

Class 1

00 Introduction Slideshow

Colorful Tapes
Colorful Plastic Packing Tape
Thin Washi Tape
Washi Tape (1/2″ wide)
Sparkle Tape

Colorful Plastic Bags
Uline Assorted Color Bags

Class 2

Basic Sewing Machine Workshop handout
02 Machine Sewing Workshop slideshow

Useful sewing tutorials:
Craftsy Blog

Class 3

03 Animal Collages & Morphing Forms slideshow
04 Patterns slideshow

Class 4

Basic Sewing Workshop – Day 2 handout

Class 7

05 Inflatable Forms slideshow
Tutorial on Using the HP Designjet T120
Where to purchase Rip-stop Nylon for Inflatables

Class 8

06 Strong Seams slideshow
Basic Sewing Workshop – Day 3 handout
Craftsy’s Beginners Guide to Sewing Professional Seams pdf
07 Fabric Surface Manipulations slideshow
08 Objects to Pattern Slideshow

Class 9

09 Inflatables & Patterning Objects slideshow

Class 11

10 Doppelganger slideshow
11 Laser Cutting on Textiles slideshow
Convertio JPEG to DXF converter website

Class 14

12 Inflatable Structures slideshow

Class 15

Patterns for Multiple Geometric Shapes link
Double Wall Inflatable Sewing Workshop handout
Music for Sleeping playlist from the Exploded Ensemble
Exploded Ensemble mid-semester concert info