99-361 Spring 2023

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IDeATe offers two sections of the 99-361 portal course in Spring 2023:

99-361 A, Inflatables and Soft Sculpture, taught by Olivia Robinson

In this course, students will focus on the design, fabrication, and creative applications of sculptural and inflatable forms created from soft materials. Soft sculpture and inflatables have a rich history: from early inventions such as hot air balloons and zeppelins, to the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade, to highly inventive architectural structures, to sculptural works by contemporary artists. Students will learn techniques for turning flexible, flat materials into three-dimensional forms by methods such as inflating with air, stuffing with materials, and holding with a rigid structure. Students will learn to use the sewing machine, as it will be a primary tool for construction. Patterning will be explored extensively, including working from found patterns as well as designing and creating your own. Students will work at a range of scales — that which the body can hold and that which can hold the body. Students will work both individually and in collaborative teams. What we make will be informed by experimentation, readings, slides, and exploration of context.

99-361 B, Intelligent Environments, taught by Nestor Gomez

Intelligent environments use modern technology (information systems, electronic sensing, physical computing, etc.) to enhance the human-space interactive experience, be it in home, office, industry, entertainment, agriculture, etc. This course highlights the motivation and requirements for intelligent environments and components that could be used to add functionality to existing environments. Students apply relevant technologies (Arduino, computer-controlled manufacturing, 3D modeling, etc.) to the built environment through the design and fabrication of working prototypes. The course enhances team management, documentation, and presentation skills through practical exercises and assignments.