Assignment 3: Music Towers

  • Due: Mon., Feb. 20
  • Rhino Sample 1 due: Wed., Feb. 15


Your assignment is to use Rhino software to create a fantastic, digital tower that is inspired by a piece of music of your choice. For this assignment, the tower is a physical metaphor for your feelings, movement, images, and forms that the music generates. Imagine the tower to be forming above the musician as the music is created. For this assignment the tower does not need to be realistic or follow rules of gravity. The more fantastic, the better. Include elements that are both large forms and small details inspired by the music.

Rhino Sample

The first portion is to create a sample using the tools taught on the first day of the Rhino lessons: creating flat-surfaced forms (cubes, rectangular forms, etc.), intersecting forms, using boolean commands to combine the forms (join, subtract, add, etc.), and to unfold the pattern of the form you created. The purpose of this sample is for you to get to know the basic Rhino basic, practice using these initial commands and forms, and show that you know how to use the unroll commands with flat-faced forms (no curved surfaces).


  • Create a post on the class website, with the category Music Tower. Your post should include:
  • A Rhino file with your 3D form and a neatly arranged unrolled pattern of that same form.
  • An image (screen shot is okay) of your form and a top-view image of your pattern neatly arranged.

Full Project

The full project is described in the assignment Overview. It includes a 3D Form inspired by a piece of music and a pattern for that form that is unrolled and neatly arranged. The Rhino design can utilize any of the commands and forms shown in class, as well as any other Rhino processes that you incorporate. At least one section of the tower must include a form with a curved surface – though you are not limited to one curved surface. The unrolled pattern pieces should be neatly arranged so that all can be clearly seen and understood.


  1. To use Rhino 7 to create pattern pieces for your Music Tower.
  2. Upload your Rhino pattern file to this google folder.
  3. Make a post to the class website with the category Music Tower. Include in your post:
    • An image of your tower in perspective-view
    • A top-view image of your pattern unrolled and neatly arranged.
      • A link to your uploaded Rhino File.
      • A link to your music you chose as a point of reference.
      • One-two sentences about your tower.

Come prepared to share your Music Tower and associated music with the class on the due date.



Points for this project will be divided amongst the following criteria:

EXPERIMENTATION/ RISK-TAKING/ INVENTIVENESS: The maker’s willingness to take risks (in composition, formal choices, materials, ideas, and content) is evident. Also important is the maker’s openness to new ideas, chance occurrences, and feedback throughout the creative process.

EXECUTION: Decisions about materials used and the manner in which the work is constructed, fabricated, and composed are deliberate. The maker’s choices indicate an awareness of how formal issues, materials and processes contribute to the interpretation or experience of the work.

TENACITY: The maker stayed with the process even when it became challenging and searched out support from classmates, TA or Instructor early in the process when needed. The maker learned from their efforts along the way.