April 3 – Class 20/ Collaborative Projects Work Time

Welcome! Today will be work time.

Welcome & A Warm-Up

  • Welcome
  • Warm-up led by Jasmin and Jamie
    • Reminder: Sign-up here for 2 times to co-lead a warm-up activity (if you haven’t already)
    • Warm-up for next class is led by: Summer and Neha

House Keeping

  • As we get very busy in the next few weeks, important to remember to clean up after one’s self in the A4 studio or other IDeATe spaces.


Work Time + Meeting One-on-One

Teams can work on their projects. Olivia will come around and meet with each group.


The following are due by the beginning of class, Wednesday, 4/5:

  • Finish mock-ups of difficult portion of your final project.
  • Work on final project.

Exit Ticket