Jan. 25 – Class 3/ Review Improv Inflatables

Welcome! Today we will look at your Improvisation Inflatables and get the new assignments.

Welcome & A Warm-Up

  • Welcome
  • Warm-up led by Olivia
  • Sharing warm-up responsibility

Sign-up here for 2 times to co-lead a warm-up activity (if you haven’t already)

Share Improvisation Inflatables

Do a short share and feedback of your first assignment as a class.

Push/Pull: Objects

You are assigned to create three “push/pull” objects. Read the assignment and watch the videos which describe this assignment in more detail.

  • Assignment 2 – Push/Pull: Objects
  • Videos introducing Assignment 2 – Push/Pull: Objects

Hand-Sewing a Sphere

View the hand-sewing demo & sew-along video to complete the sewing of your sphere.

House Keeping

  • On Monday, Jan. 30 meet in A4 (the Sewing Lab) in Hunt basement


The following are due by the beginning of class, Monday, Jan. 30:

  1. Finish your sphere. Bring it to class with you on Monday. Refer to instructions above.
  2. Finish your sewing samples. Refer to information and sew-along videos on Class Notes from Jan. 23
  3. Read the description and watch videos for the Push/Pull: Objects assignment.
  4. Create a post on this website that documents Assignment 1: Improv Inflatables by Wednesday, 2/1

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