Mar. 20 – Class 16/ Intro to Final Projects

Welcome! Today we will begin thinking about our final projects.

Welcome & A Warm-Up

  • Welcome
  • Warm-up led by Olivia
    • Reminder: Sign-up here for 2 times to co-lead a warm-up activity (if you haven’t already)
    • Warm-up for next class is led by: Summer and Neha

House Keeping


The End of Isolation

A brief discussion on all the expansive ideas relating to this concept.

Introduce: Final Project

Paired Speed Brainstorming

We will do a paired speed brainstorming activity to generate lots of possible ideas and brief sketches.

  • Tools: Pencils, paper, list of concepts
  • Guidelines for activity: work collaboratively on the idea(s), if you are often leading – pause and wait for your partner to speak, if you are often quiet – start the brainstorming with even a half-formed idea; practice non-judgementalness for your and your partner’s ideas while brainstorming


The following are due by the beginning of class, Wednesday, 3/22:

  1. Due for critique: Mobile Towers
  2. Bring y0ur inflatable to WQED loading dock.
    • Map:

Exit Ticket